Streamlined solutions AND better support for you to scale your services with ease and flow

The Most Effective 1:1 Coaching Container For High Impact Leaders To Grow And Scale Your Heart Led Business

Are you a conscious creative, healer or mentor on a mission to transform lives and make a big impact?

Do you find yourself feeling tired of running up against the same biz road blocks over and over again?

Are you ready to receive the support you are needing to grow and scale your conscious, world changing services?

If you are here, then likely...


- You've been able to generate a fair amount of business on your own, but are fully aware that if you really went all in AND got the support you needed...


...things could be flowing way smoother for you in the process of growing your business exponentially, while still spending most of your time in your zone of genius...

- You have a solid idea of what you need, but struggle to find the most aligned professionals to help you make it happen (especially when your work doesn't fit into your average marketing box)

- You'd rather be spending your energy focused on serving your clients, but need the proper foundations set up that will help you streamline your lead generation and client on-boarding flow

The High Impact Leader Program is far more valuable than general mindset or business coaching - its intention is to both develop your skills as a business owner AND provide you with hands on support so that you can have the framework, processes and knowledge to do it yourself OR offload to your team with confidence & ease


Here is what you'll get:

This comprehensive coaching program covers topics that are critical for you as a growing business owner. You will:

  • Be able to clearly and confidently articulate the value of your services AND the results your clients get so that you can market your biz in a way that feels authentic 

  • Identify both the perfect ideal client avatar AND the way in which you desire to support them that results in a win win experience

  • Work with Candy to extract the knowledge and wisdom into a framework in which you desire all your clients to receive to conserve your time and energy and scale

  • Learn to streamline the basic foundations in which you'll need to grow your business

  • Learn proven effective social media marketing strategies that will not only help you grow your audience, but become a magnet for your ideal clients

  • Reignite joy & passion in your day to day life

  • Overcome negative self talk & self sabotage (aka self protection)

  • Transform beliefs that have held you back in the past

  • Clarify your own authentic business goals

  • Learn how to enroll clients with confidence

  • Become a sought after leader in your field of expertise

  • & So much more

What Clients Are Saying

We love to work with clients who: 

  • Are committed and serious about doing the work

  • Aren't willing to give up when things get tough or waste time being married to excuses (you know you better than anyone) 

  • Are coachable and willing to receive support and ready to invest in it

  • Could use support in the following areas:

    • Harnessing all of your great ideas into digestible, tangible action steps

    • Strategizing, game planning & executing your goals

    • Overcoming self doubt & fear of failure (or even fear of success)

    • Having enough confidence in yourself and your capability so that you can claim your worth

  • Desire to increase your income, while empowering others to achieve happiness, wellbeing & personal freedom

  • Are ready to own your gifts, take up space and stand in your message with a new level of conviction


My invitation to you is to see just how worthy you are of becoming a magnet for miracles and achieving the soul-aligned success you deserve while impacting the lives of those around you in a positive way

Does all this sound like its is for you? 

Ready to level up?!

 Click here to book a 45 minute connection call  with Candy to discuss application steps and enrollment in her next 1:1 mentorship program beginning soon! 

Limited spots are available. Last day to apply is Thursday November 18th, 2021.