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Updated: Apr 8, 2018

Welcome to an Empowered Woman's Blog, where you will be guided through an entire journey of all that goes along with the growth and expansion of a fierce and courageous woman on a mission.

I have built an amazing coaching business that has helped many women create their very own dream life, embody true self love and complete transformation. Through my speaking engagements, and wellness retreats, women everywhere are fully stepping into the quality of life that they truly deserve. I will share with you just as I share with my one on one coaching clients, I believe there is a warrior in all of us and collectively, we should all feel loved and supported on our own individual journeys. I am committed that women understand and become connected with their true power for themselves, for their loved ones, and for the world.

Where it all began...

I was faced with a massive transformation of my own that kicked off an 80 pound weight loss starting at the age of just 15 years old. I went through a ton of bullying growing up for being overweight which resulted in feeling depressed, lost and completely insecure in my own skin. I can remember the moment that shifted it all. My best friend, Monique, asked if she could use my scale on a day she was at my house, explaining that she didn't have one at home. I showed her where it was and she weighed herself, following up with some curiosity asking me how much I weighed. "Around 2-something right now.." I told her, trying to avoid the real truth. She said, "Really? No way? Let's see!" I got on the scale hanging on to the counter for dear life (so it would show less than what it actually was) as she was looking down at the reading. 225 was the number that appeared and my dear friend assuring me it wasn't that bad. I sighed and confessed, knowing that if I couldn't even be honest with my best friend, then how could I ever expect anyone to understand what was going on for me in my world?

I got back on the scale without holding on to the counter, and that was THE moment. The very moment I said to myself, "No more." as the scale read 255 pounds and Monique and I stared at it in a state of disbelief. I knew I didn't deserve to feel that way. Now, just a little side note, I want to remind anybody reading this that I am not saying anything is wrong with being 255 pounds and in fact, contrary to what it might seem, it wasn't so much the number that caused any shift at all, but it was the FEELING around the number for me. At that moment, I experienced frustration, sadness, guilt and embarrassment because I realized I was not comfortable in my own skin. See, because I didn't have access to a coach, or a program, or the kind of resources I've created for my clients, I couldn't even comprehend that I had a choice.

Fast forwarding through, I made a non-negotiable decision to create a life I loved living. I chose to begin eating healthier, and expressing gratitude for the gift of movement through sports and exercise. I got so connected with divine spirituality that I no longer felt alone, or unsupported.

Today, I can proudly say that because of this experience alone, I am now using my first hand growth in helping many women across the country achieve their own personal transformations. My clients are achieving limitless goals and discovering what it truly means to connect their bold and fearless inner warrior with the power of their vision.

I invite you to stay connected, as I will be sharing many more stories that can help you, no matter where you are on your journey. Please subscribe, like, and leave a comment for your fellow readers if you loved this message. I look forward to continuing to share all that I've discovered, with the intention of lighting a fire in you that opens up the path for you to connect with your highest self.

Much love and gratitude,


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