The Epic Results of a 'Play First, Work Later' Lifestyle...It Really Can Work!

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

It’s time to leave the old paradigm behind, and put ourselves FIRST for once.
Fossil Creek Wilderness, Strawberry Arizona-April 28th 2018

One of the most precious core values that I’ve adopted and shared in my coaching program has caused massive shifts for my clients and is changing lives around the world!

The Play First, Work Later concept is only for the people that desire MORE in this life.

It’s for those who choose to take a stand and decide that un-fulfillment does not work for them. This key concept is successful in all transformations from weight loss to entrepreneurship and/or simply adopting a new outlook on your current life.

Care to test the theory now and decide if you, too, want to take on this concept and start living your dream life today?

I will take you through the step by step reflection process that I take my coaching clients through just before they realize how beautiful this way of life actually is.

Take a moment to ground down and focus in on your breathing.

What is your breath pattern telling you?

Feel free to write it down, or simply take a mental note.

Take a big inhale through your nose and an even bigger exhale out of your mouth.

Take yourself through that breathing exercise at least three more times, then settle in before going through this reflection.

Are you relaxed & grounded? If the answer is yes, then let’s do it!

What does it feel like when you think about your never ending to do list? What SPECIFIC feelings come up for you?

If you’d like to, even take a moment to close your eyes and feel those feelings.

Are you anxious, maybe overwhelmed or even annoyed?

Now, think about what it feels like to work first and play later. You have to get everything on your to do list done before you can do anything YOU want to do.

What does that feel like for you?

Is it stressful?

Please keep in mind that I am about to share with you what has not only worked phenomenally in my life, but it has been one of the root cause for my coaching clients literally loving life for the first time in who knows how long.

Now shake things up a bit and think about what it feels like to play!

Fossil Creek Wilderness, Strawberry, Arizona-April 28th 2018

I am not talking about lazying around watching television, or getting drunk on the porch (hehe)

What I AM asking you to look at is what it’s like for you when you are engaging in the things you love doing the absolute most, whether that’s playing a sport, doing yoga, hiking, being out in nature, laying on the beach, painting, crafting, writing, reading, singing, dancing, spa day, etc.

What is it like for you?

What feelings are coursing through your veins at the very moment you are doing what you love?

Now think about how you feel immediately after you do that!

I can tell you from my experience, I feel energized, restored, excited, productive, and HAPPY.

Fossil Creek Wilderness, Strawberry, Arizona-April 28th 2018

This makes the quality and value of my work 5 thousand times better, than what it was before I adopted this way of living.

When I used to try to get EVERYTHING done before I allowed myself my personal freedom, nobody won that game. My quality of work took a hit, my play time a hit, and I took a hit, emotionally, energetically, and physically.

There was a point when I got so wrapped up in the go, go, go mindset that I came crashing down with the biggest cold in my life because I would not slow down. I thought I needed to work my booty off to achieve the things that now attract themselves into my life so effortlessly.

When you adopt this Play First, Work Later concept, you may see some massive changes in your ability to achieve all that you desire for yourself. You are filling up your cup and allowing it to overflow into everyone’s around you. There is so much joy to give, when there is so much joy to be had!

I hope that this tool from my coaching program becomes one of your favorite resources to turn to in your transformation journey! Remember that this only works as well as you allow it to.

Did you absolutely love this reading? Do you plan on taking on this way of living so that you can feel free and happy? Please like, comment and share so the message gets around.

Massive love and gratitude,


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