Why You Should Release The Fear of Connecting with People

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Is there such a thing as too much fun? Maybe not until you get to Kathmandu and roam the streets with Archana, a local Nepali girl who loves to sing and meet new people, un-apologetically.

I couldn't believe I was IMMEDIATELY submerged into the cultural experience as my new friend gave me the run down of just about everything from walking everywhere you go to save money on a cab to bargaining (which is super important in Nepal) to entering the monkey temple through the exit, walking through a jungle of monkeys instead of a giant brick stair case and saving 200 rupees in the process.

I used to be bit weird when it came down to connecting with people. If you know me, you might not even believe that because I am pretty darn bubbly, but I really learned about this fear of connection during a partner eye gazing activity at The Warrior Women Wellness Retreat .

Traveling has truly taught me to put that sort of fear aside because not only did I discover that it can stop me from having some of the greatest experiences, but its just not fun when your closed off. So here I am, open and ready to receive love, support, and connection from anyone who crosses my path. So far I am in love with Nepal.

Check out the adventures!

Views of the Kathmandu from The Monkey Temple

Me realizing I am a wee bit small compared to this massive beauty

One of the many temple monkeys

More of the temple..

Archana and I back at Wanderthirst (my Kathmandu hostel)

Overall the start of my journey here has been amazing. I am so grateful I have done so much work with opening my heart to new and unusual experiences that bring so much love, joy and laughter.

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Massive love and gratitude from Nepal,


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