Want to turn your ideas of impacting others into a new stream of income?

Join internationally recognized business coach Candy Wheeler & feminine business fairy Krystina Sloan for a FREE LIVE Interactive Workshop Series on how to identify your gifts, start & grow a business, build an audience and begin attracting your dream clients so you can turn your creativity into cashflow (347$ Value)

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Meet Your Mentors - Candy & Krystina


Hey there Goddess, are you a female healer, coach or energy worker with a strong desire to step up and impact others with your gifts?! 


Have you been secretly brainstorming ways on how you can start and grow your own business so that you, too, can create a life full of joy, fulfillment and freedom?


Do you have endless ideas on how you can help others, but find yourself stuck on how or where to start?

You are so NOT alone babe, in fact...

The two of us had been getting the sense that there are a bunch of women, just like yourself, who struggle with getting the ball rolling on turning your ideas into income! 


We felt a call to really step up and help, not only because we've created a life for ourselves where we get to live out our dreams, but we've also helped hundreds of women build their dream businesses and start earning money for their gifts!


Now, we will tell you up front, we aren’t the type to tell you that there is some secret formula or give you cookie cutter short cuts (yup, we’ve seen all the crazy ads too) 

But here's what I can promise we are committed to:

✅ Helping you identify your gifts in order to package them up into a valuable product or service that makes a much bigger impact


✅ Introducing you to all the “how to’s” of starting and growing your business, building an audience, attracting your dream clients and so much more


✅ Reminding you just how worthy you are of a purpose filled life and helping you open yourself up to receiving money for your gifts💰 


✅  Giving you the best mindset tips and tools to navigate being new to entrepreneurship

We’ve taken our 10+ years of combine coaching experience, some of our BEST content that our clients have literally paid THOUSANDS for, and our favorite embodiment practices that have had our clients ditching the self sabotage and adding $5k+ to their MONTHLY income INTO 👇👇👇

👉A FREE 3 Part Workshop Series For YOU👈

Working From Home

Day One


Tuesday 06.02.2020 at 11AM PST

Overcome negative self talk & self sabotage and start allowing yourself to dream bigger and bolder. Learn how to work through fear, self doubt and imposture syndrome so that you can lead, earn & give with confidence.

Reiki Treatment

Day Two


Wednesday 06.03.2020 at 11 AM PST

Get clear on your unique message, who you help & how you help them. Learn how to package up your services to create a valuable & transformational offer your dream clients won't want to say no to.

Yoga Stretch

Day Three


Thursday 06.04.2020 at 11 AM PST

Upgrade your wealth stories & learn how to set clear & authentic income goals so you can start attracting money into your life & business. How to pass "Go" and get the ball rolling on building and growing a business.