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My Mission

As a motivational poet, writer and mentor - I am on a mission to support millions of revolutionary creatives in overcoming mental & emotional barriers and becoming resourced for resilience. Life isn't easy, warrior work helps. 

Whether it's working towards living an overall better life, attracting more loving and supportive relationships or making big leaps and bounds in leadership and business, I believe that the next level of courage we all need, starts with connecting to The Warrior in You.

“Trade in fear, worry and self doubt for deep healing, sacred remembrance and Divine inspiration to follow your excitement and connect with your true purpose.”

Who I Am

Aside from being an internationally recognized leadership & support coach, author, and founder of The Warrior in You -


I am a spoken word artist and motivational speaker who creates poetry and key notes centered around finding strength & joy despite the hardships of everyday life. I want my message to always remind others that they have exactly what it takes to overcome challenges, and find their own unique expression as creatives, artists, activists & entrepreneurs


I understand that when modern day warriors feel deeply seen and supported in their mission + are given to resources to develop creative resilience, they truly begin to thrive and discover untapped potential they never knew existed

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My Why

We all want better for our planet - 


That change starts with us. I am sure you are fully aware that you have a bigger mission here AND at this point you’re probably no longer willing to let anything or anyone hold you back from fulfilling on that (not even yourself)


You and I both know a mission like that is going to take some fiercely bold action and next level support from someone who truly sees you. 


That's why everything that I create is infused with the intention to connect you back to your warrior spirit and have you feel empowered, seen and deeply connected to your mission.


I believe that the massive shifts that all of us revolutionaries are standing for will occur when we choose to be bold & courageous in everything that we do specifically when it comes to walking in your purpose and sharing your unique medicine with the world.

Candy's Story

Most people know me for who I am and how I show up in the world today - an empowered community leader, a conscious entrepreneur, motivator, and coach, but not many know what it's taken to hand create the life that I have. 


I wasn’t always as confident or as certain on my path as I am today, or someone who helps hundreds of badass revolutionaries restore their personal power and walk boldly in their purpose.


In fact, I used to struggle with self doubt, constantly questioning my capability to make the impact I knew I was meant for, shy away or hold back tremendously from what I secretly knew was possible


because I was afraid. 


Not even just afraid to fail or succeed, but I had this deeply hidden subconscious belief that the more I allowed myself to have, then the more I had to lose…


For a long time I had myself convinced that I didn’t really want much more than what I had and well, 


I was lying to myself…


And after playing small for some time and seeing the results of that in my life


that’s when I knew…


I couldn’t mess around with my potential for much longer - it got more uncomfortable to stay stagnant than it was to face my fears of playing full out 


I knew I was meant for so much more, and I leaned into the support that would make it happen


If you landed here…


Then I’m sure you have discovered the same for yourself and you are probably ready to say f*ck it and play full out too

And that right there is how we change the world TOGETHER

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