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Meet Candy Wheeler
Spoken Word Poet, Founder of The Warrior in You & Warrior Women Retreats, Coach  & Mentor for Creatives, Artists, Activists & Entrepreneurs

Candy Wheeler is a revolutionary spoken word poet, writer and mentor on a mission to provide her fellow artists, activists & entrepreneurs with big support in overcoming mental/emotional barriers and becoming resourced for resilience.


In her poetry, key-notes and workshops, Candy weaves in light-hearted wisdom and encouraging messages of finding strength & joy despite the hardships and challenges of everyday life as a change-maker and a little motivation to keep on going. She strongly believes that, now more than ever, it’s imperative that we uplift the next generation of leaders & creatives in order to see the positive change in which we all desire for our collective future.


Candy offers 1:1 Mentorship, Live Group Courses, Wellness Retreats & more in hopes to keep fueling her community with the support and tools needed to rise above challenges and continue to initiate positive impact.

She often says, trade in fear, worry, and self doubt for deep healing, sacred remembrance and divine inspiration to follow your excitement & connect with your true purpose. 

Don't let anything stop you from expanding into your greatness, not even yourself. 

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